Garlic Bites$3.00

Fantastic crispy, buttery & made w/ "Chicago's Gonnella bread" - Basket of 8

Garlic Bites w/ Cheese$4.00

Basket of 8

Battered Zucchini Sticks$6.50

Chicken Wings12 for $9.99

Marinated in Italian herbs and spices. Choose: plain, mild, hot, garlic parm, teriyaki, or bbq.

Add Fries or Garlic Bitesfor $1.00

Brew City Beer Battered Onion Rings$6.50

Golden Tasty Battered Mushrooms$6.50

Mozzarella Sticks$7.50

w/ marinara

2nd City Combo Basket$7.50

pick any 2 of the following: Onion Rings, Mushrooms, Zucchini Sticks, 3 Cheese Sticks

French Fries$3.50


Choose from Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, or our very own Homemade Italian - (served on the side)

Italian Salad$6.25

Fresh Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots, Cheese, Pepperoni

House Salad$4.25

Fresh Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber

Hot Sandwiches

Chi-Town World Famous Italian Beef$7.75

Wait til you try this one - Hot Roast Beef sliced thin and served with Chicago Gonnella French Bread, soaked in our homemade Au Jus

Old School Sausage Sandwich$7.25

Our famous FLAT STYLE sausage sandwich w/ marinara sauce

Natural Sausage Sandwich$7.25

Our FLAT STYLE sausage sandwich drizzled with our own Au Jus, served on Chicago Gonnella French Bread

Wrigley Combo Sausage Sandwich$9.75

This is definitely a home run. You get the best of both worlds. Our very own FLAT STYLE sausage with Roast Beef piled on top. Comes one way folks, just a dash of red sauce w/ drippings from the seasoned beef. This is the Big Boss of sandwiches

Madden Meatball$7.25

Three Meatballs made with our own secret recipe, then topped with marinara. Served with Chicago Gonnella French Bread

Side of Meatballs$4.75

w/ Sauce (3 Meatballs)

Add Chicago Hot or Mild Giardiniera$0.95

Add Homemade Sauted Green Peppers$0.95

Add Sauted Mushrooms and Peppers$0.95

Add Delicious Provolone Cheese$0.95

Bottle of Hot or Mild Giardiniera$6.79

Extra Au Jus or Marinara$0.55

Thin Crust Chicago Pizza

Our pizzas are thin crust with a slight crunch, with cheese and toppings all the way to the edge — that is the Windy City way.

Super Cheesy$8.75 (11") • $13.00 (14") • $16.00 (16")

Stands alone with a tasty crust and sauce

Windy City Sausage$10.00 (11") • $14.50 (14") • $17.90 (16")

Loaded w/ Cheese and Sausage, Chicago Style, and very popular

Pa Pa Pepperoni$10.00 (11") • $14.50 (14") • $17.90 (16")

A Pepperoni Lover's Dream

Speciality Gourmet Pizza

Whole Pizzas Only & No Substitutions

Very Very Veggie$14.25 (11") • $20.25 (14") • $24.75 (16")

Right out of the garden - Leaf spinach, mushrooms, peppers, sliced red tomatoes, chopped onion & garlic

Kye Willy's Sauceless Spinach & Mushroom$11.25 (11") • $16.00 (14") • $19.80 (16")

White pizza (no red sauce) with a delicious garlic-cream base, served with cheese, spinach, and sliced mushrooms

Hawaiian$11.25 (11") • $16.00 (14") • $19.80 (16")

Lots of sliced ham with fresh pineapple

The Chicago Blaze$14.25 (11") • $20.25 (14") • $24.75 (16")

If you love spicy, this one's for you. Meatball, thin sliced Italian Roast Beef, Hot Giardiniera, and a Sport Pepper garnish

Mega Meat$14.25 (11") • $20.25 (14") • $24.75 (16")

A Meat Bonanza! Chicago sausage, pepperoni, meatball, and ham

Johnny Hancock$15.50 (11") • $22.25 (14") • $27.00 (16")

SIX Whopping Toppings! Chicago sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, red and green peppers, and black olives

Create Your Own Pizza

Start w/ Cheese Pizza$8.75 (s) • $13 (m) • $16 (l)
Add Toppings (price per topping)$1.25 (s) • $1.50 (m) • $1.90 (l)

Chicago Sausage • Pepperoni • Meatball • Ham • Sliced Mushrooms • Onion
Red & Green Pepper Mix • Leaf Spinach • Black Olives • Tomato • Pineapple
Jalapenos • Mild or Hot Giardiniera • Banana Peppers • Garlic • X-tra Cheese
Pure Ground Beef • Sliced Beef • Anchovies


Soft Drinks (can)$1.30
Bottled Water$1.40
San Pellegrino$3.35
Beer(ask for current selection)
Wine(ask for current selection)